Writing documentation

Structure of a docu and its code

Create the file

Create a new empty README.md file in a folder named after a module of the helper. As an example, you can look at the directory /de/erweiterung/kostenrechner. There is also a hidden picture folder. Screenshots of the cost calculator will be placed there.

A README.md will not appear in the URL, it will be treated as an index.*. If it is necessary to divide a module into several pages, use unique lower case names without special characters or spaces.

This file/path must then be added to the /SUMMARY.md in the root directory.

* [Helping out](english/guide/README.md)
  * [Github](english/guide/github.md)
  * [Markdown](english/guide/markdown.md)
  * [Write a docu](english/guide/documentation.md)

Gitbook then renders the correct structure from this and automatically generates the links.


The subtitle of the page itself always appears at the top. Here is the title of this page

description: Structure of a docu and its code

Only then comes the first headline:

# Documentation

From here on, you can simply write.

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