Merger Game

How does the Merger Game info work?

This module shows you information about the merger game board when you open up the minigame of the anniversary event.

Info Box

the following info s displayed:

  • how much progress may be made on the current board from freeing the key pieces and how much progress was already made

  • how much energy was already used (incl. reset costs)

    • when hovering over the energy, a tooltip will be shown, displaying how much progress should be made on the current board to reach the target, taking into account the energy currently spent

  • how many keys were combined (on the board and converted)

  • an efficiency (progress divided by energy)

    • progress includes freeing the key pieces as well as the progress that can be achieved when using up the keys later on by buying chests

    • via the settings a target value may be set - the color of the efficiency changes in relation to the target:

      • efficiency is red, when 5% or more below the target

      • efficiency is green, when 15% or more above the target

      • efficiency is yellow in between, when just enough progress is made to reach the target

    • when hovering over the efficiency, a tooltip is shown, displaying the progress that can be made with this efficiency, when this efficiency value is the same for all your games

  • a table tallying the keys and key pieces on the board per color and level

    • the number that is smaller of "top" and "bottom" key piece is made bold

    • when the max number of keys is reached, they are made bold

    • when there are 2 or more full keys at level 3 (second column) they are shown red to remind you to combine them before converting them (1 level 4 gives 3 keys, while 2 level 3 give only 2 keys)

Furthermore, a blocker is shown on top of the reset button as long as there are complete keys on the board to prevent accidental resets.


This module may be (de)activated in the general settings (Boxes - Event Assistants).

  • progress per key: this is the approximate value of a key (from buying chests - default: 1,3)

  • target progress: this is how far you want to get in this event (default: 3750 for the golden kit)

  • available energy: this much event currency is available in total (default: 11000 - 10500 from quests and ~500 from incidents)

    • bought currency should be added here

  • if the reset blocker shall (not) vanish upon minimizing the module, this can be set here

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